Thursday, October 9, 2008

StreamFest poster

Just so you know, here is my attempt at uploading the poster that I helped with for this upcoming local event.  I did the painting for the poster.  The actual, real-live poster is a little different.  Oh well.  I cut and pasted the Word document end everything got a bit funky.  You get the main idea anyway.  It looks like I will be doing a fish print booth in the afternoon during StreamFest.  I stocked up on ink and rice paper today....


Celebrating the Streams on the

North Shores of Lake


October 11

Rhododendron Park

Kenmore Senior Center



7-8         Kayakers meet at Kenmore Senior Center

8-9:30    Kayak along north shore to see kokanee

10:30-3  Learn about streams & kokanee at Kenmore Senior Center


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