Thursday, April 23, 2009

Spring Wind Chime Redux

This is obviously very similar to the wind chime that I featured in my last post, but with one little change that I loved.  Instead of grabbing one of the heart pendants that I had lying around the studio to hang at the bottom, I made a little flower pendant in clear glass to match the main body of the piece.  The little flower is quite cute, and it is another potential jewelry item to market.  The fact that it matches the main part of the piece in both image and clear-ness was a detail I was very happy that I tried.  Here is a goofy shot, but it makes it obvious which parts are all clear glass -

This project was a donation to the fund raising auction for The Attic Learning Community.  

And speaking of goofy pictures, here is last minute one of an idea that popped into my head for still another pendant idea to work on....

I'll be working on the size and/or proportions of the recycling symbol, but I think that would be a good necklace pendant AND an especially a fun thing to potentially hang on my recycled-plastic-bag bags as a cool little token to emphasize that they are made of recycled materials.

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