Thursday, June 4, 2009

Knitting Progress

Baby flame hat is done!

I just hope it fits the baby's head, at least someday. I feel like I was blindly making the hat and just assuming that it fits...not the best feeling.

Here are my do-over socks in Green Envy Red Heart sock yarn ("with aloe"!) -

I was working on these a bit as I rode the bus to and from Mount St. Helens on a field trip with the 8th grade, so I took this picture on the bus. I can't say enough how much I love the colors in this "Green Envy" color combo! I think I will be putting this project on the back burner until later. I picked up several skeins of that same yarn to make a funky-colored baby sweater, and I need to get on that project now.

On a car trip to Spokane and back last week I started a new recycled plastic bag bag. I have finished 10+ inches, and that took more or less 10 hours. I had been TRYING to keep track of how many hours it takes to make one of these, but it's hard to keep track when I work on them in lots of short chunks of time. The long stretch of knitting time on that car ride was the key to getting a clue of the time required. I would guess at this point that it takes about 20 hours to make one of these bags. Or more if you count the time spent cutting up bags.

Lucky for me this spring my sister-in-law brought me a bag-load of colorful bags, and she and our kids cut them up for me! So instead of automatically having stripes of color on the bag as I work with one cut-up plastic bag and then move on to another, I am pulling plastic strips somewhat randomly from the mixed-up collection of strips this time. It's a nice change.

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