Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Wooly Peeps

Rock star peep

Not too long ago Craft Magazine posted a link on Facebook to a very clever Easter-y project by radmegan  - needle-felted Peeps!  What a great idea!  Luckily my thoughtful cousin re-posted the post and tagged me.  I bought the instructions from radmegan on Etsy and had quite some fun.  I'd forgotten how great needle felting is.  Except for the pain from occasionally poking my finger...

I was lucky enough to take a needle-felting class by the amazing Moxie several years ago, so I had amassed the necessary tools -

foam block and sharp-as-heck felting needles
wool roving

By the way, Moxie has foam blocks that are biodegradable, which is very cool. This one is from a kit that Weaving Works sold that included needles.  I came upon this multi-colored roving in the knitter's guild booth at the craft fair held out in Ocean Shores over Thanksgiving weekend.  You can buy single colors from sources like Weaving Works.

So, it was obvious that whereas radmegan's peeps were true to the real Peep colors, mine were going to be funky.

This handful of roving -

equaled this peep - 

Tropical sherbet peep?

A few more -

Tie-dye peep for my cousin  :)

Peep gang

Then one last design that I HAD to try - 

skully peep

Rock star photo of skully peep

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