Friday, January 9, 2009

Crooked Wind Chime

Here is a picture of my final wind chime creation for the holiday season, and it was specifically made for our wonderful neighbors. I had to wait for the snow to (finally) be gone from the trees long enough to find the perfect piece of corkscrew willow to hang the glass pieces from. I wanted to hang the glass from something besides a wood dowel, bamboo or another piece of glass like I had been doing. I wanted to use something natural and from our yard if possible, and luckily we have a couple of these inspirational corkscrew willows out there to work with.

I was originally thinking of a nature-ish color theme of blues and greens for the glass elements hanging from the twig. But I was inspired by the beautiful rainbow ground/yard that our neighbor's daughter made around her gingerbread house during the neighborhood gingerbread house decorating extravaganza, and I like the symbolism/meaning of the rainbow. The funny thing was, when it came time to figure out the mechanics of hanging the glass pieces from the twig, I ended up making swirls of copper wire, which happens to be similar to copper wire work that she does. So if I was to have named this piece, it would be named "Sarah"!

I just wish I had had some orange bits of glass and a better purple when the inspiration hit....

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