Saturday, January 17, 2009

Knitting and Exercising at the same time?! Yes!!

For your amusement, here is my new set-up for getting some cardio (hmmm - fat burning is my goal, actually) exercise.  

So did you notice the yarn/knitting in the basket? 

What could be better?  Being able to knit while exercising seems too good to be true.  What better incentive to get the exercise, at least for me!  I don't really just sit down and knit too much, unless I am killing time in a waiting room somewhere or watching a movie.  Unfortunately, when I'm watching a movie I usually get distracted by the movie and forget to knit.

So there you go!  I used to hang my bike helmut on the handlebars and put my yarn in it.  Luckily, for my birthday Eric gave me a basket and paniers (is that how you spell it?!) for my bike.  Little did he know that he was providing a knitting basket.  tee hee!

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