Wednesday, February 11, 2009

One final little vial melting project

This last experiment was inspired by my wonderful neighbor Carol.  When she was over looking at my flattened insulin vials that I ended up making into the windchime she commented that it would be cool if there was enough room left in the flattened bottle to fit a little flower in it, and then you could hang it on the wall as a tiny wall vase.  What a great idea!  So I slumped a couple of batches of vials, trying to not let them flatten too much....

Some bottles are a bit flatter than others, but I'd say the partial slumping worked just as I was hoping.  From afar the group of bottles looks kind of like bubbles landed on my work table.

Since there aren't any cute little flowers blooming in the garden right now, I scavanged dried lavendar for my test flower -  

I just wrapped some copper wire around the neck of the bottle to hang it on the wall.  I'd like to try using some finer gauge wire strung with some beads to wrap the neck of a bottle, maybe.

I think this will be one of those things where every one is finished a bit differently.

Here's a nice artsy picture with a penny next to the vial for an idea of scale - 

Another potential etsy item?!


FFCindy said...

Your mom had a little glass vase like had a little metal ring attached to a suction cup and it was on the mirror in one of the bathrooms!

My mom always talked about how much she liked it...I finally found one at the the gift shop at Buchart Gardens for her.

Totally made me think of our moms today!

Studiowhimsy said...

What a great memory! I remember that vase that you're talking about, and how perfect that you found one for your mom, too! There is a fragrant plant called Sweet Box (sarcocacca - sp?) that is blooming right now, believe it or not, that my mom loved to put in there...sigh. Got to go pick some now!

Sharkeysday said...

Ooo, loving that! :) How much fun you're having with those cool little vials, eh?